05 PM | 03 Jun

Workshop with Colleen Doran :: Creating Comics

In July 2008, Colleen Doran (author of “A Distant Soil” and the official biography of Stan Lee, among other creations) was our honored guest in Madeira Island, and spent some days teaching our young aspiring artists how to be better creating comics!

This workshop was made possible thanks to the valuable help of DRJD – Direção Regional da Juventude e Desporto

It was a memorable moment, to be taught by such a renowned professional!

(Photos by Ricardo Ferreira)

03 PM | 24 Sep

Grand Opening!

In September 2004 we opened the Livraria Sétima Dimensão  [7D :: Seventh Dimension Bookstore] in the city of Funchal, which quickly became a meeting point for creators, admirers and curious of Sequental Art. This space has become not only a regional point of sale for Comic Books and Graphic Novels, but also a kind of “artistic meeting point”, a place with abundance of texts and images, creativity and imagination. We want to create a space that will nurture the talent of current and future creators in Madeira!